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Test Fixtures

SEA provides complete end-to-end HALT/HASS test fixtures solutions including board level, power supply and system level solutions.

Our text fixtures team will help you to:

Additionally, we will:


SEA designs fixtures using extruded aluminum to provide the best possible transfer of vibration and temperature with minimum mass.

To design a fixture, we will discuss your needs with you and provide a number of options before developing the final design. To create a final design we usually need a prototype of the UUT to make sure of its fit and function in the fixture and how it will work within the chamber you select.

We will then provide you with a final design that will allow you to review all of the salient features before we begin fabrication.

Once the fixture is built, we will verify that it conforms to the requirements of the chamber and the test function of the UUT.


SEA can design and fabricate the electrical cabling necessary to provide the proper connections between the UUT and the test equipment.

Test Supervisors

SEA can develop an automated test supervisor (TS) that will control the power and monitor UUTs [NOTE: Please change “UUT’s to UUTs in titles]. The TS is a unique piece of test equipment that is specific to your UUT application. The development of the TS will require a functioning unit to verify its operation.

Software to Support the UUTs

Software is an integral part of testing solutions. The software can be written to turn power on and off, collect data, store data, and abort the test at a given yield threshold if desired.

Sea can provide you with complete end-to-end solutions for all your test and test fixture needs.

Lucent has entrusted SEA with delivering the total HALT fixture solution. They have consistently delivered creative fixture solutions with excellent vibration and thermal characteristics to the most demanding schedules. "

Robert Denaro,
Lucent Technologies
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