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Reliability engineering consulting

Systems Effectiveness Associates, Inc. (SEA), Norwood, Massachusetts, provides reliability engineering and test consulting to our clients in the areas of HALT/HASS, accelerated reliability testing, predictive analysis, systems analysis and product reliability improvement. Since 1979, SEA provided reliability engineering consulting to the manufacturers of electronic and electro-mechanical systems.

Knowing that supportability had to be designed into equipment as early in the design cycle as possible, SEA has developed HALT/HASS testing strategies for our clients that are profoundly affecting product reliability, warranty costs, and customer satisfaction.

SEA offers product reliability engineering consulting services to assist manufacturers in predicting product reliability and serviceability before the prototype stage. By utilizing our analysis services and advice regarding product reliability and maintainability, a manufacturer can be assured that supportability is designed into the final product..

Reliability consulting

We can provide you with fast, cost effective reliability engineering consulting, analysis and test services to help you meet your reliability goals.

  • Provide reliability (MTBF) and system availability analysis that will satisfy the requirements of Bellcore/Telcordia, FDA or military standards.
  • Supply the technical experience required to introduce HALT/HASS into your product development cycle.
  • Establish product support strategies that can improve your product reliability image within your marketplace.
  • Create a reliability test program, using the latest accelerated test methods, to predict the reliability and/or service life of your product.
  • Provide software reliability analysis and test Programs.

SEA's Systems Effectiveness reliability consulting services insure that your product is serviceable and that your maintenance strategy is properly tuned and tried before your product goes in production.

With the help from SEA, you build products that are more reliable and maintainable and therefore more profitable.

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Through an insight into real world product performance, our highly qualified technical staff can provide you with a fast, cost effective program to fulfill all of your product reliability management needs.

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